Overview of Services

A Different Mission Guides Our Model

Warde Medical Laboratory provides esoteric testing in a state-of-the art facility, populated with highly-trained personnel under the leadership of internationally-
known pathologists. Yet we are fundamentally unlike other reference testing laboratories because a different mission guides our business model. Warde Medical Laboratory deliberately operates on a lower profit margin in order to reduce the cost of testing and fulfill its mission to improve the quality of healthcare.

Principles that Benefit Your Business.

With this motive in mind, Warde Medical Laboratory considers it a plus to retain less of the profit so that you, our clients, pay less for quality testing and responsive service. While our principles benefit your business, you'll also reap the reward of the relationship Warde has with its non-profit counterpart, Michigan Co-Tenancy Laboratory (MCL). This dual-use of the facility increases the total volume of tests that are conducted in the laboratory, resulting in yet another way that we can lower testing costs for you.

If you're ready to lower the cost of your reference testing, consider Warde Medical Laboratory; a state-of-the-art facility with owners who pass more of the profit along to you.