Mission & History


Warde Medical Laboratory exists in order to improve the health of the communities we serve. We fulfill our mission by providing critical information to medical professionals in the form of clinically relevant laboratory procedures. In our quest to provide vital knowledge for medical care-givers, we suggest, perform and interpret state-of-the-art laboratory tests while controlling costs in the most effective manner possible.


Frances Warde Medical Laboratory (WML) is a Michigan partnership between Mercy Health Services (MHS) and Laboratory Associates of Michigan (LAM). Established in 1985 by the five hospitals of the Eastern Region of the then Sisters of Mercy Health Corporation, Warde Medical Laboratory was formed for a particular purpose; to reduce the cost of laboratory testing for the owner hospitals.

Reducing the Cost of Laboratory Testing

WML was established to serve as a central testing facility for the less routine assays that were duplicated in all of the owner hospitals. The elimination of redundant instruments and laboratory resources resulted in greater efficiency and economy of scale which were immediately obvious. By sharing the costs, the owner hospitals reaped the benefits of centralized production; saving money on the combined volume of tests referred to outside laboratories. The consolidation of esoteric testing provided a much larger volume, making it easier to negotiate the purchase price with commercial laboratories.

Local Expertise, Fast Results and Personal Service

Realizing that test volume from additional hospitals could further lower costs, Warde Medical Laboratory offered its esoteric test menu to non-owners and owners alike; complementing, not competing, with the menus of its potential clients. With its centralized location in Ann Arbor, Michigan, WML returned test results far faster than other commercial laboratories, while providing a level of service and technical expertise that continues to attract and retain its health care provider clients.


Warde Medical Laboratory