Support Services

Customer Support - 24 / 7 Warde Medical Laboratory staff is available twenty-four hours per day, 365 days a year to answer questions regarding test interpretations, alternative testing schemes, and proper procedures for obtaining a suitable sample.

Our personnel exceed standards set by the College of American Pathologists. WML participates in both internal and external proficiency programs and operates a quality assurance program that is aimed at responding proactively to potential problems. Further, WML faculty serve on national committees that help set quality assurance measures for laboratory testing.

Under the leadership of Director William G. Finn, M.D., a recognized specialist in hematopathology and author of more than 50 articles on the subject, a distinguished group of specialists work together, providing expertise on a wide variety of relevant topics.

Esoteric Testing Guidance and Individualized Test Batteries Warde Medical Laboratory also offers a comprehensive referral service, assisting clients who need to order esoteric procedures. Our Southeastern Michigan location positions us to provide particularly rapid service on specialty testing. The size of its referral base enables Warde Medical Laboratory to offer customized services, including individualized test batteries.

Client Services The Client Services Department at Warde Medical Laboratory works tirelessly to exceed the expectations of our clients. This core group of dedicated professionals responds directly to telephone inquiries, and leads the organization in responding to client needs. While everyone at Warde Medical Laboratory is committed to excellence, The Client Services Department, working with the Central Specimen Processing staff, streamlines communication and assures the complete satisfaction of each and every client. Representatives are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Call 1-800-760-9969, email Client Services at or or email the LIS team at