Confidentiality To respect confidentiality, patient information is not available through email. Patient information is sent through secured faxes and secured networked printers.

SuppliesWarde Medical Laboratory will provide at no charge all the necessary forms and supplies for specimen collection and transportation. Should a client have a supply need, a Supply Requisition is completed and sent to the laboratory via courier. Supply requests may also be made by telephone by calling Client Services at 1-800-760-9969. Your order will be processed promptly and delivered as quickly as possible.

Courier ServicesCourier service is available for transporting specimens from many locations throughout the service area of Warde Medical Laboratory. This includes same day delivery in certain geographic areas or overnight delivery under controlled conditions. Special courier services can be established if appropriate arrangements are made. Please contact the Client Services Department to make any courier arrangements.

Marketing Support Additionally, WML will offer marketing assistance to any client institution to aid in the development of a client's own outpatient market share. Marketing materials and assistance are available through the Client Services Department.
These materials include:

  • new product information
  • technical articles on existing products
  • program descriptions

All marketing materials are suitable for transfer to forms with the client institution's letterhead.