Test Catalog Appendices

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Allergy (ImmunoCap ®) Testing — Allergen IgE Antibodies
Alphabetical Allergen Listing
Coagulation Testing
Cytogenetics — Specimen Requirements
Cytogenetics — Primary Care
Cytogenetics — Hematology / Oncology
Cytogenetics — Reproductive Medicine and Prenatal Test
Cytogenetics Test Requisition — Genetic Disorders
Cytogenetics - Prenatal Test Requisition
Hematologic & Neoplastic Disorders Cytogenetics/Fish Test Requisition
Immunology - Viral Serology
Immunochemistry- ACTH Stimulation Test
Flow Cytometry Immunophenotypic Test Requisition
Urine Preservative Priority List
Special Chemistry — Xylose Absorption Collection Instructions
Toxicology — Chain of Custody Collection Procedures
Toxicology — Chain of Custody—Specimen Acceptability
Toxicology — Drug Screens — Decision Limits
Toxicology — Generic and Brand Name Cross References
Toxicology — Serum Drug Screen Comprehensive (SDSC)
Toxicology — Drugs of Abuse Panels
Toxicology — Drug Screen Confirmations
Toxicology — Common Drug Names
Toxicology — Therapeutic Drug Monitoring (TDM) Sample Collection
Virology — Patient Preparation and Virus Specimen Collection
Table II - Specimen Guide for Viral Isolation
Blood Lead Analysis Form
Heavy Metal Analysis Form
Prenatal Screen Information Sheet
Prenatal Test Summary
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